Cancer in women and sexuality. An integrated approach between sexual function, treatment and body representation

Author/s Mariapia Di Nicola, Elisabetta Todaro
Publishing Year 2018 Issue 2018/2 Language Italian
Pages 19 P. 30-48 File size 202 KB
DOI 10.3280/RSC2018-002002
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In Italy it is estimated that 365.000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year; 48% of these cases concerns female population. Diagnostic and therapeutic improvements have increased survival rates and attention to sexual and reproduc-tive function, as well as body image and impact on relationships. Although the sexual dysfunction related to uterus, cervix, endometrium and breast cancers are known in the literature, there is a disparity in studies on the sexual health of wom-en with breast cancer compared to those with neoplasia of the internal genitalia. The aim of work is to present a review of the recent literature on the sexuality of women treated for breast cancer with those of internal genitalia, in order to analyze the intervention in different kind of female cancer. Further contributions are expected to expand scientific knowledge and to implement interventions that take into account the mind-body unit and the impact on representations and sexual identity of patients affected by all types of cancer.

Keywords: Female cancer, promotion, sexual health, integrated approach, body-mind unit, biopsychosocial.

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Mariapia Di Nicola, Elisabetta Todaro, Tumori femminili e sessualità. Un approccio integrato tra funzionalità, trattamento e rappresentazione del corpo in "RIVISTA DI SESSUOLOGIA CLINICA" 2/2018, pp 30-48, DOI: 10.3280/RSC2018-002002