Lyon Part-Dieu and Amsterdam Amstel: approaches and devices for the regeneration of two tertiary areas

Journal title TERRITORIO
Author/s Giulia Fini
Publishing Year 2020 Issue 2019/90
Language Italian Pages 11 P. 120-130 File size 780 KB
DOI 10.3280/TR2019-090014
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With reference to a growing demand for the regeneration of buildings and tertiary-directional districts, this article analyzes in detail the modification projects of Part-Dieu in Lyon and Amstel iii in Amsterdam. These projects are chosen for their differences, complementary in regard to the proposed interpretative key. Lyon Part-Dieu is an almost unitary district, close to city center, built starting from the 1960s according to strong architectural modern features. Amstel is a peripheral office park, with a fragmented property, characterized by a discontinuous growth and no recognizable common characters. The cases make possible to identify design principles and devices for the regeneration of tertiary-directional areas working by strategies and actions aimed at: improving the local habitability of the district and singular buildings, reinforcing the relationships and the attractiveness at the urban scale, redefining the role at the territorial level.

Keywords: Devices; reconfiguration; tertiary districts

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Giulia Fini, Lione Part-Dieu e Amsterdam Amstel: approcci e dispositivi di rigenerazione di due aree terziarie in "TERRITORIO" 90/2019, pp 120-130, DOI: 10.3280/TR2019-090014