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Cognitive Psychotherapy Reviews is the journal of the Italian Society of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy. Since 1996 the journal gathers clinical, theoretical and practical contributions of professionals (Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Medical Doctors) who embrace the Cognitive-Behavioural approach to study the mind and psychological suffering. The main goal of the journal is to enhance the knowledge of clinical Cognitivism. It also hosts articles which will contribute to the understanding and diffusion of theoretical and intervention cognitivist models, developed and applied in various domains of psychopathology. A further goal of the journal is to promote Italian clinical Cognitivism, which has contributed for a long time to the progress of Cognitive Psychotherapy internationally. This thanks to the development of numerous theoretical models and with the constant reference to scientifically based methods of investigation.

General Editor: Lorenza Isola
Vice-Editors: Marco Bani, Michele Procacci
Editor in chief: Valeria Vantaggi
Editorial Board:Gabriella Catalano, Barbara Renzetti, Valeria Semeraro, Rosa Vitale
Scientific Board: Antonino Carcione, Lorenzo Cionini, Giovanni Liotti †(;) , Francesco Mancini, Mario Reda, Giorgio Rezzonico, Savina Stoppa Beretta, Rita Ardito, Carlo Buonanno, Luca Canestri, Antonella Carassa, Gabriele Chiari, Livia Colle, Giovanni Fassone, Donatella Fiore, Furio Lambruschi, Andrea Landini, Chiara Manfredi, Giuseppe Nicolò, Antonio Onofri, Cristina Ortu, Susanna Pallini, Cristiana Patrizi, Roberto Pedone, Renato Proietti, Gianluca Provvedi, Clarice Ranfagni, Antonio Semerari, Mariagrazia Strepparava

Central Editorial: Viale Castro Pretorio, 116 00185 Roma, tel. 06/44704193, fax 06/44360720, email:quaderni@sitcc.it

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Issue 50/2022


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