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The need to optimize the use of public funding, especially those destined for research, in recent years appears increasingly oriented to the introduction of transparent disclosure and compliance mechanisms, capable of reducing information asymmetries and opportunistic attitudes arising from the evident fragmentation in progress in the complex system of management and reporting of public funding assigned to research. In this perspective, the aim of the journal is to collect contributions and studies on corporate governance and compliance mechanisms in the management and reporting systems of public funding for research and development.
In particular, the journal intends to represent an "ideal place" for multi-meta-disciplinary discussion between the world of academic research and the business world, with reference to issues such as: best practices in corporate governance systems; disclosure mechanisms and compliance systems in research and development projects aimed at facilitating collaboration and compliance with the rules between companies and institutions; engagement processes in public / private relationships; systems and ethical codes of conduct in the management of public funding for R&D aimed at defining good management practices; public finance to support research, innovation and competitiveness.
The journal aims to disseminate these issues to the academic community, the world of applied research and corporate governance consultancy, economic operators, professional and representative associations, institutions. The journal is organized with a scientific and an editorial committee, consists of national and international experts and academics.

Scientific editor in chief: Salvatore Esposito De Falco - Sapienza Università di RomaScientific board: Barile Sergio - Sapienza Università di Roma, Bianconi Fabio - Senior Consulting, Castaldo Angelo - Sapienza Università di Roma, Ciasullo Maria - Università degli Studi di Salerno, D’Angelo Eugenio - Università Telematica, PegasoDe Renzi Roberto - Phd Senior consulting, Ferrara Olimpia - SRM San Paolo IMI, Ferri Maria Antonella - Universitas Mercatorum Genco Pietro - Università degli Studi di Genova, Ginsberg Ari - NYU Stern, Golinelli Gaetano Maria - Sapienza Università di Roma, Kostyuk Alexander - Kristianstad University (Sweden), Kuckertz Andreas - Hohenheim University, La Torre Mario - Sapienza Università di Roma, Lepore Luigi - Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope", Marino Vittoria - Università degli Studi di Salerno, Masia Maria Pia - Phd Senior consulting, Mastroberardino Piero - Università di Foggia, Mateus Cesario - Aalborg University, Denmark, Miglietta Angelo - IULM Milano, Morvillo Alfonso - IRISS CNR, Mozghovyi Yaroslav - Sumy State University, Paolone Francesco - LUISS Guido Carli, Pisano Sabrina - Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope", Polese Francesco - Università degli Studi di Salerno, Profumo Giorgia - Università degli studi di Genova, Renzi Antonio - Sapienza Università di Roma, Sancetta Giuseppe - Sapienza Università di Roma, Schiavone Francesco - Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope", Sciarelli Mauro - Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Simone Cristina - Sapienza Università di Roma, Surace Francesco - Senior consulting
Editorial board: Alvino Federico - Università degli Studi di Napoli "Parthenope", Capalbo Francesco - Università del Molise, Cucari Nicola - Sapienza Università di Roma, Esposito De Falco Salvatore - Sapienza Università di Roma, Fimmanò Francesco - Università degli studi del Molise, Penco Lara - Università degli Studi di Genova, Ugolini Marta - Università di Verona, Vargas Sanchez Alfonso - University of Huelva, Yamak Sibel - University of Wolverhampton, Zattoni Alessandro - LUISS University

Editorial staff: Biancospino Antonio, Via Pietro Colletta, 12 ‒ 80139 Napoli. Tel. 081.18814471/081.5934234 ; e-mail:

The journal uses a double blind peer review process, the reviewers are chosen based on their specific competence. The article will be sent anonymously to avoid possible influences due to the author's name. The editor may decide do not submit the article to any referee, as it is deemed irrelevant, or non-rigorous, or not responding to adequate scientific standards. Judges of referees will be sent to the author even in case of a negative response. The journal will also use the articles by invitation procedure

Referee year 2019

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Issue 1/2021 

Alberta Bernardi, Chiara Cantù, Elena Cedrola, Heritage marketing e valorizzazione del territorio: il percorso verso l’innovazione sostenibile nel settore tessile e moda (Heritage marketing and territorial enhancement: The path towards sustainable innovation in the textile industry)
Maria Palazzo, Alfonso Siano, Fifth-generation (5G) communication networks and sustainability: A research agenda (Fifth-generation (5G) communication networks and sustainability: A research agenda)
Antonella Monda, Antonio Botti, I rischi della Corporate Social Responsibility per le imprese etiche e lo scetticismo del consumatore green (Risks of Corporate Social Responsibility for ethical businesses and skepticism of the green consumer)
Stefano de Nichilo, Management Accounting in European Affairs: A Memorandum Methodology for Formalize Audit Evidence
A cura della Redazione, Call for paper n. 2/2021 (Call for paper n. 2/2021)
Salvatore Esposito De Falco, Editoriale (Editorial)
Silvia Cosimato, Roberto Vona, Francesca Iandolo, Francesca Loia, Innovazione sostenibile e piattaforme digitali per i beni culturali: il caso Clickproject. (Sustainable innovation and digital platforms for cultural heritage: The Clickproject case)
Gaetano Fausto Esposito, Il circuito innovazione digitale e sostenibilità istituzionale. Uno schema per la valutazione degli effetti sul lavoro (The digital innovation and institutional sustainability circuit. A scheme for evaluating the effects on the labour)
Sofia Martinoli, 2030 Agenda and business strategies: The Sustainable Development Goals as a compass towards a common direction
Antonio Frenda, Approcci per la stima delle produzioni estere relative alle imprese nazionali (Approaches for the estimation of foreign production related to national enterprises)

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