Recent Experiences in General and Social Psychology in Italy and Poland

A cura di: Francesco Maria Battisti

Recent Experiences in General and Social Psychology in Italy and Poland

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ISBN: 9788820438999

Edition: 1a edizione 1990

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The intent of this book is to highlight the most promising areas of cross-national research which have developed during a co-operation among Italian and Polish Psychology which has lasted, by now, several years.

The essays collected in the (

- The development of cognitive psychology in Italy and in Poland, and the study of individual differences which has been the focus of main cross-national research projects;

- Studies in personality, interaction and communication, which have pointed out the permanent relevance of environmental and cultural differences in determining behavior;

- Methods for the analysis of general behavior, from which it is shown how important continues to be the comparison of experimental evidence coming from the national laboratories;

- Problems in comparative developmental psychology, conflict and peer interaction, to which both Italian and Polish colleagues are working;

- The study of identity, defence and alienation, carried out by innovative methods derived from the psychology of literature;

- Recent experiences in applied clinical psychology aimed to improve personal living conditions of patients and to ameliorate professional therapeutic techniques.

Prof. Antonio Fusco, general psychologist, Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Cassino, Italy.

Prof. Francesco M. Battisti, sociologist, Associate Professor of Mass Communications, Faculty of Education, University of Cassino, Italy.

Dr. Rosella Tomassoni, psychologist, Senior Researcher, Faculty of Education, University of Cassino, Italy.

Part I - Cognitive psychology and individual differences
1. Environmental cognition and naive science, by Marcello CesaBianchi, Roberto Masini, Felice Perussia
2. Cognitive psychology in Italy: trends and problems, by Ornella Andreani Dentici
3. Selective recall of positive or negative experiences, by Gian Vittorio Caprara, Marino Bonaiuto, Concetta Pastorelli
4. Temperament and environmental preconditions of aggressive behavior, by Andrzej Eliasz
5. Developmental studies of children affected by genital malformations, by Renzo Canestrari, Antonio Godino, Monica Canestrari
6. Self evaluation and image of the world and human nature concept, by Tadeusz Zysk
Part II -.Personality, interaction, communication
1. Piloting mental schemata on building images, by Paolo Bonaiuto, Anna Maria Giannini, Marino Bonaiuto
2. The social psychology of property: comparative aspects, by Francesco M. Battisti
3. Personality and situation determinants of relationship defining in the interpersonal communication process, by Lidia Grzesiuk
4. Personal, social and environmental predictors of well-being in older people of rural areas, by Caterina Laicardi
5. Bergson's concept of moral obligation as philosophy and psychology, by Alberto Nave
Part III - Methods for the analysis of general behavior
1. Imitation and social transmission of information in mammals: a review and some experiments, by Marco Poli and Emanuela Prato Previde
2. Self-exposure to light stimuli by albino rats in the activity wheel, by Jan Matysiak
3. Relational transposition in mice, by Paolo Renzi, Antonio D'Amore, Grazia Pezzini
4. The structure of activity in deprivation conditions in rats, by Roman Zawadzki
Part IV - Developmental psychology
1. Public and private enemy: continuity or difference? by Assunto Quadrio, Patrizia Catellani
2. Positive social behavior in a developmental perspective, by Giulia Villone-Betocchi, Maria Sbandi, Anna Maria Asprea
3. Different levels of cooperative strategies in peer interactions, by Ada Fonzi
4. Primary socialization and the narcissistic structure of the personality, by Fiorangela Oneroso Di Lisa
5. Promotion of basic developmental skills in adults, by Zbigniew Pietrasinski
6. The different representation of ability of male and female children in Greek and Italian subjects, by Maria D'Alessio, Francesca Ortu
7. The formal model of pedagogy according to the empiricalverifiable criterion of science, by Michele Riverso
8. Settings and identities in primary school classrooms, by Gerard Duveen, Barbara Lloyd
Part V - Identity, defence, alienation
1. Alternative approaches to the study of defense mechanisms and self-deception, by Helena Grzegolowska-Klarkowska
2. A psychological study of Prometheus by F. Kafka, by Antonio Fusco
3. The psychological aspects of Poseidon in Franz Kafka, by Rosella Tomassoni
4. Brief psychological observations on The New Lawyer by Franz Kafka, by Rosella Tomassoni, Angela Palmieri
5. The Cathartic nature of art, by Luciano Dondoli
Part VI - Experiences in clinical psychology
1. Therapeutic consultations with medical students, by Gustavo Iacono, Simonetta M. G. Adamo, Paola Giusti, Sanità Infante, Paolo Valerio
2. Clinical psychology service: integration of medicine and psychology in a university hospital, by Giorgio G. Bellotti
3. Personality bases of smoking habits. Polish preliminary data, by Kazimierz Wrzesniewski
4. Male sexual dysfunctions: changing requests for therapeutic help, by Chiara Simonelli, Filippo Petruccelli

Serie: Psicologia

Level: Scholarly Research