Giulia Gerosa, Andrea Manciaracina


Environmental systems as a combination of interior design, services, communication and technologies

Interior design is less and less reduced to the mere physical component of space and is instead increasingly projected towards an ‘environmental system’ made up of space, services, communication, and technology. The book highlights the close interconnections between the design of spaces, the creation of services, the application of communication systems, and the exploitation of technologies, allowing us to reveal the tensions and interactions that are unleashed depending on the prevalence of one or another design discipline and the scale at which they take place.

cod. 10319.20

Barbara Camocini, Davide Fassi

In the Neighbourhood.

Spatial Design and Urban Activation

Neighbourhoods of contemporary cities are ‘hypersensitive’ and ‘fragile’ areas where dismantling and transformation processes generate fragmentation and displacement. Reconstruction and re-occupation of urban spaces guided by residents are becoming increasingly frequent in these places. This book presents some reflections on the role of design discipline in this fertile and proactive context, proposing specific research methodologies and intervention strategies in close relation with the resident population, building new skills, creating original synergies, and new processes of inclusion and social innovation.

cod. 319.1

La progettazione dell’identità di marca negli spazi vendita si manifesta come un momento essenziale della differenziazione commerciale, offrendo al consumatore un’esperienza di arricchimento, un luogo di relazione e coinvolgimento sensoriale. Il testo prende in considerazione alcuni mezzi conoscitivi utilizzati dalle discipline coinvolte nella progettazione degli spazi retail, individuando una serie di strumenti che possano essere integrati e riassemblati rispetto agli ambiti di intervento.

cod. 85.55