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Issue 84/1997 

Silvano Martello, From the Editor
Renata Mansini, Maria Grazia Speranza, Effective linear programming heuristics for a portfolio selection problem
Laura Amarone, Luciano Cinfrignini, Paul Harris, Beniamino Paoletti, Sergio Tommasi di Vignano, HiCAT: a market share, simple connection-based timetable generation model for an airline
Vito Ozzola, Sandro Poli, A decision method to evaluate oil and gas development systems

Issue 83/1997 

G.Scheithauer, Equivalence and Dominance for Problems of Optimal Packing of Rectangles
M.Dor, W.Kubiak, P.Dall’Olmo, “Strong” - “Weak” Chain Constrained Scheduling
S. Gawiejnowicz, Minimizing the Flow Time and the Lateness on a Processor with a varying Speed

Issue 81/82/1997 

R. De Leone, F. Malucelli, S.Pallottino, Solving Linear Pogramming in 2 o Fewer Iterations (foreword)
M.L. Brandeau, AIDS Policy Modeling: A Social Role for Operations Research
Integer Programming for Solving the Course Timetable Problem
M. D’Apuzzo, V. De Simone, M. Marino, G. Toraldo, Parallel Computational Issues for Box-Constrained Quadratic Progamming
F. Ricca, B. Simeone, Political Districting: Traps, Criteria, Algorithms and Trade-offs
A. Testi, Public versus Private Hospitals: an Assessment of Technical Efficiency

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