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This section is dedicated to how to use your download credits to purchase magazines articles. For further assistance please fill out this form.

Articles (published since 2000) are available for consultation (by downloading them on your pc in Pdf Acrobat format). The digital version of articles is the true copy of the printed version (they have the same page number). 
To access this service, users need to purchase a download credit which entitles to the download of a fixed number of articles: without expiry date and without limits for single magazine or newspaper (articles can all belong to the same magazine or to different ones, they must belong to Franco Angeli publications and be available online). 
Single articles available for download using your download credits are marked as “pdf article” and the preview of the first page is displayed. Should the preview not be available, the article is not downloadable.
Articles published before 2000 are not available in pdf. In any case, before purchasing, please check the actual availability of the item in pdf.  

Download credits are available for different prices: €15.00 (3-article download) - €35 (10-article download) - €50 (20-article download) 

For subscribers of the current year of any Franco Angeli’s magazine (and for authors of Franco Angeli’s publications), 3 special download credits are available: €15.00 (6-article download) - €35 (15-article download) - €50 (30-article download). 

No, credits are not subjected to any expiry date and there are no limits for magazine choice. 

Yes, you can download any article available on any of our magazines, provided it is available in PDF. Normally, all articles published since 2000 are available in PDF. However, if the article preview is not displayed, it means that its PDF is not available. Before purchasing, we suggest writing to

You can pay download credits by credit card, prepaid card, Paypal and MyBank.  To pay by bank transfer, please download and fill out this form, and then send it to 

Yes, at any time, you can redownload an article without losing credit. 

An article is worth 1 credit.

Log in to your Personal Area where you can visualize how many credits you have purchased, used, and the remaining ones. More information available on your Download Credits page.

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