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In this section you can find answers about using Open Access ebooks.

An Open Access e-book is a real publication, for which a free  digital distribution has been chosen.

There is no qualitative difference between a commercialized book and a FrancoAngeli Open Access e-book: both are products of authorial research and editorial process to which the publisher put on its own quality mark.

The differences are only  relative to the digital format (instead of paper) and the free distribution.

No. Just because an e-book is released free of charge doesn't mean it's in the public domain. Italian and international laws recognize and protect authorship and intellectual and material property for Open Access publications. This means that they cannot be modified, reused, copied or used for commercial purposes. Each Open Access e-book is released with a Creative Commons license that governs its use. For more information, consult the following page:

Usually the  printed ersion of an Open Access ebook is not available for selling, if not written in the presentation of the book.

Our e-books are available in the following format:

- PDF for PC, Mac and Apple and Android tablet/smartphone. We do not guarantee the usability of the PDF format on an electronic ink reader (eReader).

- EPUB for all eReaders (except Kindle) and also for PCs, Macs, tablets and Apple and Android smartphones.

In our Open Access volumes pages, you will find indications about the available formats (PDF or EPUB, or both).

It is the standard format of digital publications, whose specifications are released and updated by the International Digital Publication Forum (IDPF). Its main feature is to allow a flow distribution of the text, which therefore adapts to the screen on which it is read, and to personalize the reading experience as much as possible. With an ebook in EPUB version you can also choose the size and type of font, the line spacing and alignment of the text, the background color of the screen.

All FrancoAngeli Open Access ebook can be downloaded and moved on a Kindle device: The online reading isn't actually supported by Kindle device. Read the manufacturer manual instruction .

All e-readers that support PDF Format can visualize our Open Access ebooks. No add-on are requested.

In FrancoAngeli website you can find all the Open Access ebooks searching for author, title, topic, code, or serie.   You can find all the open Access ebooks here


As with all books, the author also has the right  to have his or her intellectual work protected (in particular, not to be modified, reused or copied). Our e-books are designed to be memorized (with no expiration limit) or viewed directly online on the publisher's website. However, you cannot copy parts of them (to include them in other files) without permission.

The transmission of the e-book to third parties is possible within the limits established by the Creative Commons license that accompanies the publication, citing its ownership, and never for direct or indirect commercial purposes.

Every e-book, including all its parts, is protected by copyright law.
When the User downloads the e-book, he accepts all the conditions provided. The User is granted a license to use the work as specified by the relevant Creative Commons typology accompanying the publication.
For more information, consult the following page:

You can read Open Access ebooks online or you can download them on your device.  After the download is not necessary an online connection for reading.

Making our ebooks accessible to blind and visually impaired people and thus satisfying their learning and updating needs is a goal that has been close to our hearts since long time. This is why we believed in the Accessible Italian Books Project (LIA) right from the start and we were among the first to join the LIA Foundation.

Yes, within the limits defined by the Creative Commons license accompanying the publication and which remains valid for the work whatever is the support (digital or paper) on which it is reproduced. The printed version of an Open Access e-book cannot therefore be used for direct or indirect commercial purposes and its ownership must always be indicated.

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