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Issue 88/1998 

Alfredo Fiocco, Bruno Simeone, Domenico Tersigni, A Sunday Opening Calendar for Shops in Rome through Random Utility Matching and Travelling Salesman Models
Carlo Filippi, Giovanni Andreatta, Giorgio Romanin-Jacur, On Balancing the Flow Out of a Network with Gains
Janez Zerovnik, Janez Brest, An Approximation Algorithm for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem

Issue 87/1998 

Jesper Larsen, A note on the practical performance of the auction algorithm for shortest path problem
David Pisinger, A tree-search heuristic for the container loading problem
Giovanni Storchi, Andrea Scozzari, An O.R. Application for the Catholic Jubilee in Rome
S. Xi, Continuous Optimization in China: Theoretical Developments and Applications

Issue 85-86/1998 

Federico Della Croce, Presentation
Andrea Gamba, Francesco Rossi, Mean-Variance-Skewness Analysis in Portfolio Choice and Capital Markets
Angela Testi, On Planning the Optimal supply for Hospital Beds
Giacomo Patrizi, Fernando Bardati, Franca Bartolozzi, A Constrained Optimization Approach to the Control of a Phased Array Radiofrequency Hyperthermia System
Chiara Lepsky, Raffaele Menolascino, Giuseppe Minerva, Optimisation Problems in Mobile Network Planning
Fabio Grasso, Calculating the Expense Loading in a Bonus-Malus System

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