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Issue 96/2000 

Antonio Sforza, Presentation
Luigi Biggiero, Massimo Di Gangi, An algoritm of incremental network loading with elastic demand and capacity constraints
Maurizio Bruglieri, Francesco Zirilli, A mathematical model for railway schedule optimization when a network authority confronts several transportation companies
Paolo Saitti, Dionisia Cazzaniga Francesetti, Competitive models for shipbuilding and the need for an integrated approach: a case study

Issue 94-95/2000 

Antonio Sforza, Presentation
Edoardo Amaldi, Alberto Colorni, Stella Fiorenzo Catalano, Feasibility study of a dial-a-ride system for a suburban area of Milan
Sergio Barbariol, Anita Merli, Mauro Scarioni, Pipeline Scheduling
Giovanni Felici, Giovanni Rinaldi, Antonio Sforza, Klaus Truemper, Traffic control: a logic programming approach and a real application
Massimo Greco, Cristiano Di Cristo, An unconventional use of an optimisation method for calibrating simulation models
Larry J. LeBlanc, Teaching Management Science/Operations Research using Spreadsheets
Arie M.C.A. Koster, Stan P.M. van Hoesel, Antoon W.J. Kolen, Lower bounds for minimum Interference Frequency Assignment Problem

Issue 93/2000 

Alberto Colorni, Observations on the Use of Multimedia Didatics in Operations Research: the Project DOOR
Rafael Pastor, Albert Corominas, Assembly line balancing with incompatibilities and bounded workstation loads
Sankar Kumar Roy, Mahendra Prasad Biswal, Ram Niwas Tiwari, An Approach to Multi-objective Bimatrix Games for Nash Equilibrium Solutions

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