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Seven Years of Design Research at Politecnico di Milano

Analysis of the funded research projects

Which are the main research funds currently accessed by the Department of Design? What are the topics explored through them and which are the interconnections with the Department core research activities? Also, what are the research products delivered, the reached outcomes, and the expected impacts BY these research projects? The book synthesises the results of a qualitative analysis conducted over 32 research projects coordinated or participated in by the researchers of the Department in the timeframe 2014-mid 2021. The results of the analysis confirm the high-level attractiveness of the Department research profile on core topics such as design methodology, service design, and health.

cod. 10319.19

Claudia Becchimanzi

Design ed Ergonomia per la Human-Robot Interaction

Strategie e strumenti Human-Centred Design per la collaborazione trans-disciplinare e per la progettazione dell'accettabilità delle nuove tecnologie robotiche

Questo volume analizza il rapporto fra design (gli strumenti offerti dall’approccio dello Human-Centred Design, dell’Interaction Design e della User Experience) e la complessa area della Human-Robot Interaction (la robotica sociale per l’assistenza). L’obiettivo della ricerca è di “abbreviare le distanze” fra le due aree scientifiche del design e della robotica, facendole convergere al fine di progettare robot assistivi e sociali realmente accettati e adatti alle specifiche necessità delle persone.

cod. 10085.12

Design per l’Innovazione Responsabile

Guida per processi formativi in trasformazione

Il volume ha l’obiettivo di contribuire al dibattito scientifico sull’Innovazione Responsabile applicata negli ambiti della formazione al Design, sostenendo la diffusione dei suoi principi attraverso un’esemplificazione delle possibili applicazioni nelle diverse aree e contesti in cui si muove il designer contemporaneo.

cod. 10085.13

Ernesto Antonini, Jacopo Gaspari

Architectures for Next Generation EU Cities

Challenges, Key Drivers, and Research Trends

Cities are facing unprecedented challenges driven by different forces. On the one hand the ever-increasing effects of climate change are impacting on the urban microclimate and environmental balance, on the other one social, political and economic issues are influencing the living conditions, the accessibility to primary services and resources, as well as growth opportunities for the younger generations. The book provides therefore insights, experiences, approaches to deal with current and especially with future transition processes which are expected to shape the cities of tomorrow.

cod. 11330.3

Alessandro Rovetta

Rinascimento a Ponte in Valtellina

Un palazzo e un ciclo di affreschi in cerca di autore

Ponte in Valtellina conserva uno dei centri storici di età rinascimentale più interessanti e integri del bacino superiore dell’Adda. Il volume illustra uno straordinario ciclo pittorico, databile al penultimo decennio del Quattrocento, rimasto a lungo nascosto all’interno di un palazzo affacciato su una delle principali vie di Ponte. Un raro e prezioso caso di studio, fotografato all’alba di quel rinascimento valtellinese più noto nei suoi sviluppi successivi.

cod. 12000.30

Le pastoralisme de montagne, défini comme l’ensemble des activités d’élevage valorisant par un pâturage extensif les ressources fourragères spontanées des espaces naturels montagneux, joue un rôle non négligeable dans la production de produits de qualité. Toutefois, des pressions d’ordre économique, politique et environnemental viennent aujourd’hui défier cette activité. Ce mode d’élevage extensif souffre ainsi par exemple des conséquences du changement climatique avec notamment des sécheresses impactant la végétation présente en altitude. Cette étude vise donc à explorer la littérature de la résilience et des systèmes socio-écologiques afin de déterminer si les activités pastorales de montagne en France détiennent des caractéristiques de résilience.

cod. 11111.9

Mediterranean Urban Campus for Regeneration at the Dubai 2020 Expo

Urban Open Spaces toward the New Challenges of Adaptivity

Adaptivity of the urban open spaces to face the climatic, socio-ecological, multicultural and health challenges, raises questions with multiple design implications, which cannot be solved only with the functional, formal, and technical rethinking of the space. Today, the metropolis of Dubai is characterized by an extreme climatic-environmental conditions and, at the same time, by an almost infinite capacity to regulate the living spaces through the most innovative technologies. The theme of adaptive design of open urban spaces has been contextualized in some case-study areas of Dubai. The results outlined a complex framework of different development trajectories, both for the designing innovation of the urban open spaces, and for the launch of new teaching methods of architectural, technological, and urban project.

cod. 10086.1.1

ICS Materials

Interactive, connected, and smart materials

This present book covers a series of outstanding reputation researchers’ contributions on the topic of ICS Materials applicable to several contexts such as product, interaction design, materials science and many more.

cod. 10319.7

Silvia Maria Gramegna

Interior design as a tool for dementia care

Experiences and guidelines for the Therapeutic Habitat Model

This book investigates the role of interior design in the enhancement of the effectiveness of Non-Pharmacological therapies for Alzheimer’s disease care.  The author presents the conceptual model for an environmental system called “Therapeutic Habitat”, meant as a system of environmental interventions, based on tangible and intangible aspects, products and furniture, objects and services. Its aim is to enhance the well-being of people with dementia and stimulate recognition and interaction with the surrounding environment.

cod. 10319.8

The Jetsons' Kitchen

A zero-mile system for waste water recycling and cultivation

The book aims to investigate the up-cycling of domestic effluents for plant production, bringing together a series of considerations by an interdisciplinary group of researchers from the Politecnico di Milano, Università Statale di Milano and Università di Roma Tor Vergata, ranging from biology to design through sociology and architectural composition. Integrating vegetable cultivation in the domestic environment with reusing kitchen wastewater for irrigation is a promising strategy for reducing freshwater consumption and raising environmental awareness among citizens.

cod. 11810.2.4