Utilization of biogas as an untapped renewable energy source in Vietnam

Autori/Curatori Duc-Truong Dinh, Thu-Nga Do, Thi-Thoa Le, Ngoc-Bao Pham, Anh-Duc Trinh, Duc-Huu Nguyen, Wilawan Khanitchaidecha
Anno di pubblicazione 2021 Fascicolo 2021/1 Lingua Inglese
Numero pagine 16 P. 105-120 Dimensione file 321 KB
DOI 10.3280/EFE2021-001006
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In Asia, Vietnam is one of the countries severely affected by energy shortages and climate change. Development of renewable energy from livestock wastes, e.g., production of electricity from biogas, is a solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution from untreated livestock wastes, as well as energy shortages. So that, biogas technology has been researched and applied in Vietnam since the 1960s. The development and state-of-art issue of household biogas, specifically, the opportunities and constraints of household biogas are presented in this paper. There are several opportunities for household biogas development, including, the availability of biogas fermentation materials, energy shortage issues, and policy support from the Government of Vietnam and international organizations. Besides, barriers encountered in household biogas development in Vietnam included technical barriers, financial policy barriers, awareness and capacity limitations. The capacity building should include the dissemination and update of policy to maintain transparency and credibility for attracting potential domestic investors. Training courses should be provided to technical staff of biogas digester on operation and maintenance. Measures should be taken to improve the policy and mechanisms, especially, financial mechanisms.

Keywords:biogas, climate change, green house gases, renewable energy, sustainable development, Vietnam

Jel codes:Q48, Q16, Q28

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  • Evaluation of prospects and barriers of biogas produced from livestock waste towards sustainable developmentand adaptation to climate change in Nghe An province, Viet Nam Thu-Nga Do, Thi­Thoa Le, Ngoc­Bao Pham, Duc­Truong Dinh, Duc-Huu Nguyen, Wilawan Khanitchaidecha, in APN Science Bulletin /2021 pp.81
    DOI: 10.30852/sb.2021.1587

Duc-Truong Dinh, Thu-Nga Do, Thi-Thoa Le, Ngoc-Bao Pham, Anh-Duc Trinh, Duc-Huu Nguyen, Wilawan Khanitchaidecha, Utilization of biogas as an untapped renewable energy source in Vietnam in "ECONOMICS AND POLICY OF ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT" 1/2021, pp 105-120, DOI: 10.3280/EFE2021-001006