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Issue 7-8/1992 

Marsha Ritzdorf, Feminist thoughts on the theory and practice of planing
Helen Liggett, Knowing Women / Planning Theory
Susan S. Fainstein, Planning in a Different Voice
Beth Moore Milroy, Some thoughts about difference and pluralisme
John Friedman, Feminist and planning theories: the epistemological connection
Leonie Sandercock, Ann Forsyth, Feminist Theory and planning theory: the epistemological linkages
John Forester, Raising the question: notes on planning theory and feminist theory
Judith Allen, Opening the dialogues: a letter to Luigi Mazza
Iris Marion Young, Concrete imagination and piecemeal trasformation
Bent Flyvbjerg, Aristotele, foucault and progressive phronesis
Andreas Faludi, Understanding dutch strategic planning
Willem K. Korthals Altes, How do planning doctrines function in a changing environment?
Guido Wallagh, Rienk Postuma, Niek van der Heiden, Jan Kok, Consensus building as an essential element of the dutch planning system

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