Alice Devecchi

Designing the empathic experience

Suggestions from Art Practices

The issue of empathy as an embodied, dialogic experience that potentially enhances the value of human relationships, constitutes the core of this book, which is mainly addressed to explore whether empathy is designable and how. This book traces a theoretical framework for changing perspective on empathy in design, by integrating a phenomenological account. One that focuses on empathy's specific nature of intersubjective experience that introduces the other into one’s own personal horizon.

cod. 10319.22

Francesco Scullica, Elena Elgani

Living, Working and Travelling.

New Processes of Hybridization for the Spaces of Hospitality and Work

The focus of this research is mainly on the relationship and the hybridization processes between hospitality spaces (mainly hotels and hostels) and workspaces for knowledge worker (offices, smart-office, co-working, hubs) in the field of interior design.

cod. 319.7

Luca Guerrini, Paolo Volontè

Dialogues on Design.

Notes on Doctoral Research in Design 2018

This book presents the most updated developments of design research in the form of six dialogues between scholars of the Politecnico di Milano and international scholars. Each dialogue focuses on a specific topic recently addressed on the Politecnico di Milano’s PhD programme: the role of users, social innovation, fashion design, colour design, interaction design and urban design.

cod. 319.5

Alessandro Biamonti, Luca Guerrini

Polimi Design PhD_018.

9 PhD theses on Design as we do in POLIMI

The book is an overview on the wide field of research about Design, showing how Design is interpreted nowadays in POLIMI. Nine PhD theses. Nine young researchers. Nine 3-4 years researches carried on by people mainly under 35 years old, coming from all over the world. An international, young, dynamic community, which is approaching complexity of Design from several sides, but with the same passion for building a better world.

cod. 319.2

Alessandro Biamonti, Luca Guerrini

Polimi design phd_017.

10 PhD thesis on Design as we do in POLIMI

This books represents an overview on the wide field of research about design, as Design is interpreted nowadays in POLIMI. From fashion to storytelling, through tangible and intangible aspects of our everyday life, Design is today an on-going young discipline, which is reaching its own spaces and methods within the academic research community.

cod. 85.96

Luca Guerrini

Notes on Doctoral Research in Design.

Contributions from the Politecnico di Milano

The Politecnico of Milan was the first university in Italy to start a PhD degree program in industrial design in 1990, under the direction of Tomás Maldonado. After the direction of Ezio Manzini (1996-2009), Francesco Trabucco became the director of the program and focused his attention on the nature of design. This book collects the first results of this new direction.

cod. 85.78

Andrea Branzi, Alessandra Chalmers

Spazi della cultura, cultura degli spazi.

Nuovi luoghi di produzione e consumo della cultura contemporanea

La vasta operazione di revisione di alcune fondamentali tipologie storiche che l’attuale cultura del progetto di Interni sta affrontando. Il libro raccoglie i primi documenti relativi a questa riflessione e gli esempi di progetti che cominciano a muoversi per sperimentare nuovi dispositivi di funzionamento interno delle tipologie destinate alla produzione e al consumo della cultura contemporanea.

cod. 85.46