Journal of the International Association of Group Psychoterapy

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Forum is the official journal of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy (IAGP), a worldwide network of professionals involved in the development of group psychotherapy in the areas of theory, clinical practice, training, research and consultancy, and founded by Moreno and other group psychotherapy pioneers in 1973. It offers a possibility for cross-fertilisation and development, giving the opportunity to discard cultural and academic imperialism and allow the many influences and areas of knowledge to spread. It publishes contributions from different countries, cultures and group applications, and includes reports of budding developments in eastern Europe as well as descriptions of new and original applications of psychodrama and group analysis.

Per contattare la redazione: Mail: IAGP, Postfach, CH-8126, Zumikon, Switzerland. Voicemail: +41 71 688 5650 (Switzerland); fax +41 71 688 5651 (Switzerland); e-mail:; sito web:

La circolazione della rivista mira a valorizzarne l’impatto presso un pubblico di cultori, di studiosi e di operatori.

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Fascicolo 6/2013 
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David Gutmann, Letter from the President
David Gutmann, Carta del Presidente
Lars Tauvon, Ray Haddock, Teresa von Sommaruga Howard, Editorial Introduction
Lars Tauvon, Ray Haddock, Teresa von Sommaruga Howard, Editorial Introductorio
M. Fakhry Davids, When the Outside World Changes: A Group’s Attempts to Emerge from Apartheid
Amina Bargach, Los Menores Migrantes en Ausencia Temporal de Referentes Adultos
Katja Wahlstrom, Fryshuset - A Force of Passion
Ekaterina Mikhailova, Catchers in the Rye: Field Observations on the History and Present Status of Psychodrama in Russia
Hidefumi Kotani, Struggling with the Fourth Disaster in East Japan
David Gutmann, Jean François Millat, The Nuclear Accident of Fukushima (March 2011): A Revealed Work Area for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes
Ros Gregorio Armananzas, Sociodrama within a Social Drama in Egypt
Danielle Forer, Group Work with Refugees Using Psychodrama: Rebuilding Hope, Facilitating Recovery
Pertegato Edi Gatti, Trigant Burrow’s Research on Individual and Social Conflict
Einar Gudmundsson, Sibling Transference and Family Transference in Groups and Organizations

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