Arteinpiazza - Pratiche di lettura e scrittura urbana

Titolo Rivista TERRITORIO
Autori/Curatori Luca Francesco Garibaldo
Anno di pubblicazione 2009 Fascicolo 2008/47 Lingua Italiano
Numero pagine 6 P. 34-39 Dimensione file 870 KB
DOI 10.3280/TR2008-047005
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Arteinpiazza (Art in the square/street art) Urban reading and writing practices - While creativity, art and culture are terms used increasingly more often by urban institutions in the attempt to provide an answer to the anonymity of international style and to promote certain markets, there is a constellation of spontaneous activities seething in the shadows. Practiced either individually or in groups, they constitute an area of challenge and conflict in which you measure your freedom against that of the others. In a city of steel reinforced doors and closed-off areas under Cct surveillance, art is a common and possible space where you can cultivate your responsibility and set new social equilibriums even if they are temporary. Let us learn to read and write our cities! Let us try it in an unexpected place, perhaps in a square in the poorer outer neighbourhoods of the city, to discover alternative centres and new geographies.;

Luca Francesco Garibaldo, Arteinpiazza - Pratiche di lettura e scrittura urbana in "TERRITORIO" 47/2008, pp 34-39, DOI: 10.3280/TR2008-047005