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Regional Economics and Society - Beyond the Bridge (Economia e società regionale - Oltre il ponte) has been the journal of IRES Veneto since 1983. Established with the primary aim of creating a tool for reflection and debate, it hosts contributions from scholars, researchers and trade union leaders involved in the transformation of local economies. It gives space to the results of research carried out in Italy and abroad on economic issues, social phenomena, public policies and institutional dynamics. Particular focus is placed on emerging issues related to the political agenda of regional players. The journal also places special emphasis on the central issues of public debate in Italy and Europe:
taxation and federalism;
economic policies and industrial relations;
changes in work and welfare systems;
international economic reorganisation and production relocation;
technological innovation and business networks;
credit, services and reform of local utilities.
These are key topics that, because of the obvious impact they have on labour and trade union strategies, are emblematic of the contradictions that accompany the evolution of production and innovation. Economia e società regionale - Oltre il ponte seeks to provide a forum for comparative debate, hosting positions that differ in their analysis of phenomena and policy. This effort to promote sometimes antithetical ideas allows one to observe the latest developments in knowledge, and, at the same time, to challenge the social, political and institutional players into identifying appropriate courses of action. As of edition No 105 (1) 2009, the journal's main section features a monographic section dedicated to the inherent changes taking place in the Northeast, after which the edition is titled. The editor, after discussion with the Editorial Advisory Board, introduces and leads analysis and reflection on the topic. Each monographic section provides subject matter for discussion in the subsequent edition, where contributions are hosted in the opening section "Debate on" The results of analysis and research carried out by academics and researchers on economic and social themes are published in the Essays and Research section. These essays are generally documented and supported by non-controversial, though not exclusively quantitative, databases, and are structured according to strict scientific criteria. Articles in this section are subject to refereeing, although they are also targeted at non-specialists. The section Notes and Reviews provides a rolling information and reporting service with brief reviews of recently published texts and dissertations by experts and scholars on subjects of particular interest.

Editor in chief: Francesco Indovina
General editor: Giorgio Gosetti
Editorial board: Nicoletta Masiero (coordinamento), Marco Almagisti, Bruno Anastasia, Elena Battaglini, Alfiero Boschiero, Vania Brino, Anna Carreri, Marina Chiarvesio, Giancarlo Corò, Valentina De Marchi, Eleonora Di Maria, Alberto Mattei, Patrizia Messina, Lorenza Perini, Michelangelo Savino, Vladimiro Soli
Scientific board: Ada Becchi, Franca Bimbi, Aurelio Bruzzo, Ilvo Diamanti, Gianluigi Fontana, Emilio Franzina, Donata Gottardi, Roberto Grandinetti, Luciano Greco, Paolo Roberto Graziano, Paolo Gubitta, Luigi Mariucci, Luca Meldolesi, Stefano Micelli, Domenico Patassini, Paolo Perulli, Marina Piazza, Paolo Pini, Vincenzo Rebba, Matelda Reho, Gianni Riccamboni, Giorgio Roverato, Enzo Rullani, Pierangelo Spano, Dario Stevanato, Giuseppe Tattara, Ugo Trivellato, Maurizio Zenezini

Editorial Offices: via Peschiera 5 - 30174 Mestre (Venezia) tel. 041/5497820 - fax 041/5497824 e-mail:

Articles received by the journal are subject to anonymous refereeing. The referees evaluate the proposed work and draw up a form prepared by the Editorial Advisory Board. If their overall assessment is not positive, the article will be rejected. Otherwise, if changes are required, the evaluation form is sent to the author anonymously. Based on comments received, if the author considers it necessary, he may review the text and submit the revised version to the journal which is then resent to the same referee for final approval, without which the article will not be published.

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Issue 3/2016 L'innovazione, questa sconosciuta
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Roberto Grandinetti, Tema monografico. L’innovazione, questa sconosciuta introduzione al tema
Alberto Di Minin, Federico Frattini, L’impresa è un’opera aperta. Open innovation in italia dal 2003 ad oggi
Eleonora Di Maria, Vladi Finotto, Francesco Rullani, Innovazione simbolica e comunità di consumatori (Symbolic innovation and communities of consumption)
Guido Bortoluzzi, Saif Maqbool, Le dodici fonti della capacità innovativa tra letteratura accademica e pratica manageriale (The twelve sources of innovation capability between academic literature and managerial practice)
Andrea Furlan, Genialità o esperienza? L’innovatività delle nuove imprese (Ingenuity or experience? the innovation of new ventures)
Simone Guercini, Contesti e attori dell’innovazione (Contexts and actors of innovation)
Roberta Apa, Valentina De Marchi, Roberto Grandinetti, Silvia Rita Sedita, Oltre la visione tecnocratica dell’innovazione: i risultati di una ricerca sulle piccolo-medie imprese (Beyond a technocratic view of innovation: insights from an investigation on small and medium-sized enterprises)
Vincenzo Rebba, Barbara Bonvento, Emilio Tanzi, Bisogni di salute emergenti e nuovi servizi sanitari territoriali: il sistema socio-sanitario del veneto dopo il piano regionale 2012-2016 (Emerging health needs and innovative community health services: the veneto region’s social and health care system after the 2012-2016 plan)
Paola Anitori, Effetti dell’offshoring sull’occupazione manifatturiera italiana negli anni 2000-2011 (The effects of offshoring on employment: evidence from the italian manufacturing sector, 2000- 2011)
Mariolina Toniolo, Idee in discussione / Recensioni

Issue 2/2016 Innovazione territoriale e agricoltura urbana
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Elena Battaglini, Innovazione territoriale e agricoltura urbana. Introduzione al tema
Mayté Banzo, Coline Perrin, Christophe-Toussaint Soulard, Elodie Valette, Guilhem Mousselin, Role des acteurs publics dans l’emergence de strategies agricoles des villes. Exemples en mediterranee
Rosanna Di Bartolomei, Luigi Perini, Luca Salvati, Marco Zitti, Agricoltura e crisi: verso un nuovo paesaggio della frangia (Agriculture and crisis: towards a new landscape of fringe)
Il patrimonio rurale nutre la città (Rural heritage feeds the city)
Aurora Cavallo, Benedetta Di Donato, I sistemi agrari nel fenomeno urbano: geografie e processi territoriali di roma metropolitana (The agricultural system in the urban phenomenon: geographies and regional dynamics in the rome metropolitan area)
Daniela Poli, Rivoluzione alimentare e parchi agricoli multifunzionali nella piana fiorentina (Food revolution and the multifunctional agricultural park in florentine plain)
Marco Lorenzetti, Nicola Matteucci, La copertura digitale del territorio rurale: un’analisi sui comuni marchigiani (The digital coverage of rural areas: an analysis of marche’s municipalities)
Roberto Santolamazza, Dejan Pejcic, Manifattura additiva: quale ruolo per il "capitale umano"? (Additive manufacturing: what role for the "human capital"?)
Giorgio Gosetti, Idee in discussione / Recensioni

Issue 1/2016 Ripartire dal lavoro pubblico
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Alberto Mattei, Vladimiro Soli, Ripartire dal lavoro pubblico introduzione
Lorenzo Zoppoli, L’impiego pubblico tra riforme urgenti (e serie), riforme apparenti (e inutili) e svalutazione del lavoro (The public employment between urgent (and serious) reforms, apparent (and unnecessary) ones and devaluation of labour)
Enrico Deidda Gagliardo, Fallimento e rinascita della valutazione delle performance nella prospettiva del valore pubblico: l’orizzonte della riforma madia (Failure and rebirth of the performance’s evaluation in the public value perspective: the horizon of "minister madia’s reform")
Vladimiro Soli, Ota de Leonardis, Conversazione sul lavoro pubblico
Michele Gentile, Lavoro pubblico e Pubbliche Amministrazioni: le ragioni di una vera riforma
Daniele Giordano, Proposte programmatiche e percorsi di lotta come innovare il lavoro pubblico e le nostre pratiche
Rosa Pavanelli, La partecipazione dei lavoratori europei e le aziende pubbliche: l’eredità del modello sociale e un futuro incerto
Rossana Cillo, Fabio Perocco, Subappalto e sfruttamento differenziale dei lavoratori immigrati. il caso di tre settori in Italia (Subcontracting and differential exploitation of migrant workers. the case of three sector in Italy)
Matteo Basso, Esperienze di pianificazione di grandi eventi a confronto: Londra, Milano, Shanghai (Planning mega-events in London, Milan and Shanghai: a comparison of experiences)
Valentina De Marchi, Roberto Grandinetti, Idee in discussione
Federico Chicchi, Frantumazione del lavoro salariato e trappola dell’autonomia. Recensione a Incertezze crescenti
Nicola Atalmi, Da Zoppas a Electrolux: una storia operaia. Recensione a La fabbrica rovesciata

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