Advancing Psychology and its Applications: International Perspectives

Anna Laura Comunian, Uwe Peter Gielen

Advancing Psychology and its Applications: International Perspectives

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Pages: 336

ISBN: 9788820485238

Edition: 1a edizione 1994

Publisher code: 1225.29

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In recent years, we have witnessed considerable growth in international and cross-cultural psycology, both on the theoretocal and empirical levels.

The growth has encompassed not only research in the field of psycoloy but interdisciplinary work as well.

The unique contribution of this book is to present a sampling of this new interdisciplinary research, focusing on conceptual empirical findings.

The chapterrs encompass diverse domains of psychology, including general, social, clinical, educational, and personality.

Such a broad diversity of topics highlights the richness of this new interdisciiplinary focus in international and cross-cultural psychology.

• Contributors
• Preface
• Foreword, by Peter F. Merenda
* New Developments in International Psychology, by Anna Laura Comunian and Uwe P. Gielen
* The Role of the International Council of Psychologists at the United Nations, by Selma G. Sapir
* American Mainstream Psychology and its Relationship to International and Cross-cultural Psychology, by Uwe P. Gielen

* The American Adaptation of the Bedini Test of Distribut Attention, by Peter F. Merenda and Concetta M. DiLeonardo
* Field-dependence and Field-independence in the Perception of Species-specific and Non-specific Visual Stimuli, by Eliano Pessa and Gabriella Valacca
* Using a CRT to Produce Colored Transparency over a Sinusoidal Background, by Osvaldo da Pos and Mirella Pietrella
* A Neuronal Network for Student Modeling in Intelligent Computer Assisted Instruction, by Marta Olivetti Belardinelli, Paola Rizzo, and Roberto Battiti
* Divergent Thinking and Primary Process as Indices of Creativity, by Stephanie Dudek

* The Development of the Moral Self. A Study in Taiwan, by Ting Lei
* Development of Moral Reasoning and Perceptions of Parental Behavior in Greek Students, by

Uwe P.Gielen Diomedes C Markoulis, and Joseph Avelnani
* An Italian Cross-sectional Study of Gibbs' Sociomoral Reflection Measure-Short Form, by Uwe P. Gielen Anna Laura Comunian and Gianluca Antoni
* Criteria for the Moral Evaluation of Deception, by Rita D. DAmico and Isabella Poggi
* The Psychodynamic Role of Shame, by Marco Battacchi and Olga Codispoti
* Narcissism and Organizational Evil, by Margaret Fisher

* A Model for Exploring Intra-, Inter-, and Transpersonal Processes in Groups, by Ada Abraham
* Foulkes' Group Analysis: One of the Most Fruitful Developments of Post-Freudian Psychoanalysis, by Rocco Pisani
* Women in Self-help Groups, by Matti K Gershenfeld
* Leadership Development and Personality Assessment: Feedback for Individuals and for Organizations, by Ann M O'Roark

* The Professional Image of Teachers in a Southern-Central Area of Italy. A MISPE Study, by Michele Riverso
* A Comparative Analysis of the Professional Profiles of Italian Teachers, by Francesco M Battisti
* Women Professors in the Universities of Padua and Seville: A Comparative MISPE Study, by Anna Guil Anna Laura Comunian and Felicidad Loscertales Abril
* Spanish Primary School Teachers in Self-teaching Groups: Long-term Effects in the Classrooms, by Trinidad Nunez Dominguez and Felicidad Loscertales Abril
* Analysis of Anxiety Inherent in the "Professional Self" of Secondary School Teachers in Salamanca, by Vwente M. Ortiz Oria

* Occupational Stressors and Burnout Resistance: A Comparison of Judges, Managers, and Ministers, by Ann M. O'Roark
* Hindu Ideology and Custom: The Oppression of Women, by Sudha Choldin
* Adapting to the Psychological Impact Siberian of Labor Camp Conditions by Former Polish Detainees, by Regina Borowik
* Assessing Prodromal Symptoms in Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia, by Chiara Rafanelli Silvana Grandi, Gianni Savron, Sandra Conti, Giovanna Bartolucci Francesco M Saviotti and Giovanni A. Fava

* A Psychologist Critically Evaluates the Profession of Psychiatry in the USA, by Victor D. Sanua
* The Quality of Psychotherapy Training and Services, by Paolo Migone
* Professional Ethics in Clinical Psychology: Not Simply a Matter of "Do" and "Don't" by Pietro Stampa

Contributors: Ada Abraham, Gianluca Antoni, Giovanna Bartolucci, Marco Walter Battacchi, Francesco Maria Battisti, Roberto Battiti, Regina Borowik, Sudha Choldin, Olga Codispoti, Sandra Conti, Rita D'Amico, Osvaldo Da Pos, Concetta M. Dileonardo, Stephanie Z. Dudek, Giovanni A. Fava, Margaret Fisher, K. Matti Gershenfeld, Silvana Grandi, Ana Guil, Ting Lei, Abril Felicidad Loscertales, Diomedes C. Markoulis, Peter Merenda, Paolo Migone, Dominguez Trinidad Nunez, Ann O'Roark, Marta Olivetti Belardinelli, Oria Vincente Ortiz, Eliano Pessa, M. Pietrella, Rocco Pisani, Isabella Poggi, Chiara Rafanelli, Michele Riverso, Paola Rizzo, Victor D. Sanua, Selma G. Sapir, Francesco M. Saviotti, Gianni Savron, Pietro Stampa, Gabriella Valacca

Serie: Psicologia

Subjects: Cognitive Psychology, Personal Psychology - Social Psychology, Community Psychology, Political Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Emergency Psychology, Tourism Psychology - Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology - Childhood: Psychology, Psychopathology and Clinic

Level: Scholarly Research

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