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Società Italiana di Sessuologia Scientifica
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Rivista di Sessuologia Clinica is the result of the scientific and cultural work of the Italian Sexology Society. The journal provides theoretical, methodological and practical clinical updates for professionals involved in the different aspects of human sexology.

The aim is to stimulate dialectical confrontation and to promote integration of different approaches and competences. The journal includes national and international contributions, book and meeting reviews, bibliographical reports and bulletins on major scientific events.

Editor in chief: Adele Fabrizi (Institute of Clinical Sexology, Rome - "Sapienza" University of Rome, Rome)
Scientific board: Stanley Althof (Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio), Salvatore Caruso (Università degli Studi di Catania, Catania), Alain Giami (National institute of Health and Medical Research, France), Emmanuele A. Jannini (Tor Vergata University of Rome, Rome), Lior Lowenstein (Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, Israel), Felipe Navarro (University "Miguel Hernández", Alicante, Spain), Pedro Nobre (University of Porto, Porto), Kirana Paraskevi-Sofia (Evie) (Aristotle University, Thessaloniki), Michael A. Perelman (NY Presbyterian Hospital, New York), Yacov Reisman (Amstelland Ziekenhuis, Amstelveen, Netherlands), Roberta Rossi (Institute of Clinical Sexology, Rome), Ege Can Serefoglu (Istanbul Medipol University, Istanbul), Chiara Simonelli ("Sapienza" University of Rome, Rome), Francesca Tripodi (Institute of Clinical Sexology of Rome, Rome).
Editors: Stefano Eleuteri, Emanuela Napoli, Marco Silvaggi, Leonardo Tizi

To contact the editorial unit : via Savoia 78, 00198, Roma - tel. 06 85356211/fax 06 85356118

The Journal uses a double-blind peer review process. Reviewers are chosen for their expertise. The article will be sent anonymously to reviewers to avoid possible influences due to the name of the author. The editors may decide not to submit the article to any referee in the case it is judged as not relevant, not rigorous or not meeting appropriate scientific standards. Reviewers' evaluations will be sent to the author also in case of negative response.

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The circulation of the magazine is intended to enhance the impact at an audience of psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health professionals

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Issue 2/2019 
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Elisabetta Todaro, Marco Silvaggi, Valentina Rossi, Francesca Aversa, Filippo Maria Nimbi, Roberta Rossi, Le nuove tecnologie nell’educazione sessuale: un problema o uno strumento di intervento? (New technologies in sex education: a problem or an instrument of intervention?)
Chiara Quarta, Maria Grazia Porpora, Chiara Simonelli, Filippo Maria Nimbi, Fattori cognitivi nella sessualità di donne con endometriosi: uno studio comparativo (Cognitive factors in sexuality of women with endometriosis: a comparative study)
Giulia Fioravanti, Vanessa Banchi, Daniel Giunti, Genitori omosessuali con figli da precedenti relazioni eterosessuali: il ruolo dell’omofobia interiorizzata (Homosexual parents with children from previous heterosexual relationships: the role of internalized homophobia)
Luigi Lombardo, Roberta Rossi, Disabilità intellettive e sessualità (Intellectual disabilities and sexuality)
Rossella Spadola, Elisabetta Todaro, Le manifestazioni sessuali infantili (Sexual expressions in children)
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Issue 1/2019 
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Maria Luisa Iervolino, Marco Silvaggi, Filippo Maria Nimbi, Francesca Tripodi, Daniela Botta, Chiara Simonelli, Sessualità ed emozioni: uno studio sulla popolazione BDSM italiana (Sexuality and emotions: a study on BDSM Italian population)
Virginia Campedelli, Emanuela Paone, Gianfranco Silecchia, Chiara Simonelli, Filippo Maria Nimbi, Obesità e sessualità: studio su un gruppo di uomini obesi in valutazione psicologica pre-bariatrica (Obesity and sexuality: study on a group of obese men in pre-bariatric psychological evaluation)
Letizia Baroncelli, Paolo Antonelli, Davide Dettore, Il bullismo omofobico nelle scuole toscane: un’indagine empirica sulla valutazione degli insegnanti (Homophobic bullying in Tuscan schools: an empiric study on teachers’ evaluation)
Bruna Tellina, Maria Grazia Porpora, Chiara Simonelli, Filippo Maria Nimbi, Endometriosi e sessualità: aspetti psicologici ed emotivi associati alla sessualità (Endometriosis and sexuality: psychological and emotional aspects associated to sexuality)
A cura della Redazione, Recensioni
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