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Originally, project management was developed as a tool for the planning and monitoring of activities in certain sectors (industrial plants, large-scale public and private works). It subsequently spread to other working environments, such as information technology, the service sector, public administration and organisations operating for social purposes. In order to direct the processes necessary for the successful completion of a job, the project manager requires specific knowledge and skills - a common language (one which is increasingly accepted by international standards); the ability to work in different geographic and corporate environments; greater mastery of the so-called 'soft skills' (people skills involving personal behaviour and relating to other people). As such, the project manager is increasingly being defined as a skilled professional, as someone reliable and ethical who can guarantee that a project meets its objectives and produces the expected results. At the same time, the organisations which promote, lead and realize projects are expected to make use of specific techniques and methodologies, as well as to apply "maturity models", which can be identified with best practice and which, above all, require a working environment where project management culture is widespread. The review Il Project Manager aims to promote and investigate these themes by actively involving stakeholders ranging from business managers and project members to team leaders, sponsors and experts in the different fields of interest and application. Seen from this perspective, the publication strives to disseminate this culture, promote certification and sponsor the recognition of professional roles within businesses engaged in project management, roles characterised by responsibilities, methods and common values. The journal's subtitle refers to an extended definition of project management which includes at least two closely related subjects: the management of programmes and the management of project portfolios, both of which are very important in the implementation of business strategies. The review, which is the first Italian journal entirely dedicated to project management, is made up of several thematic sections, each addressing specific topics, and columns covering specialist subjects. It publishes contributions from experts and ''practitioners', thus illustrating the experiences and initiatives of associations and professional communities involved in project management in Italy and abroad, and provides information on methodological developments and bibliographic news.

General Editor:/strong> CV Enrico Mastrofini Scientific Editor in chief:CV Pier Luigi Guida
Scientific Board: Antonio Calabrese, Guido Capaldo, Maurizio Dal Maso, Gianluca di Castri, Marco Gentili, Sergio Gerosa, Vito Introna, Federico Minelle, Alberto Nepi, Darci Prado, Marco SampietroEditors: Claudia Spagnuolo (coordinamento redazionale), Alessandro Cagliesi, Antonella Chirichiello, Gennaro Di Bonito, Andrea Fraticelli, Barbara Filosto, Carlo Messineo, Federica Polce, Francesca Eremita Ruscica, Claudia Spagnuolo (Coordinamento redazionale), Franco Stolfi, Michele Tricarico

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