The Value Matrix

Guido George Lombardi

The Value Matrix

A New Binary Model of Economic and Cultural Value

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Pages: 128

ISBN: 9788846431448

Edition: 1a edizione 2001

Publisher code: 1820.30

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The Value Matrix is a study on the way men and women perceive and value, the way we engage our senses and our thoughts, prioritize our needs and desires, and behave, both individually and collectively. Using this Binary Matrix, this book explores the concept of value, its motivating powers, and some of its practical applications. Money is not the only possible measure of value, and to try to reduce every thing and every human activity to monetary values limits greatly the economic horizon and distorts to a point that goes below the most basic human dignity. Mankind has proven, throughout the ages, that it doesn't know limits of creativity. Self-centered and individualistic approaches breed conflict and stagnation, holistic and community-serving approaches to economic activity bring about synergetic energies.

Today we need a comprehensive ideology able to revitalize and redefine traditional values and principles. We need a catalyst that can harmonize capitalist economies and values (such as private and public property) with the growing communal needs of our multicultural, multi-valued world. A new system of common values will be able to bring, to both Eastern and Western societies, a new and common vision of the future, a globally acceptable concept of the values of truth, liberty, honor, justice, and a revived view of ethics.

"THE VALUE MATRIX is an interesting and informative read that offers great insight on the changing economy and needs of this century". Donald J. Trump

"In the middle of tons of superficial books about business, this is a reflective work that forces you to think hard and long outside of the usual model". Daniel Abraham, C.E.O. Slim-Fast Corporation

"This book is a "must" for those who want to approach the changing economic atmosphere of the 21st Century. It is original and makes the point that market value alone does not determine our economic way of life, and this is forcefully brought brought home by this thoughtful and important volume". Ambassador Maxwell M. Rabb

"A journey of discovery in the uncharted waters of human perception. How we make choices, how we value things and people, this is something worth paying attention to, both personally and organizationally. This voyage through the concept of value brigs us to a fork on the road. We are asked to make a choice between decrepit economic models, and a more wholesome, more responsable, and more liberating vision of the world to come". Michele Scozzai, Journalist


From Brazilia to New York. What do we value?

Real change. What do we need?

The economic value of conservation. What else do we need?

Past values. What we need to change?

Romeo and Juliet. Not all values need changing

Marx and Madonna. We live in a material world

Rome. We need an empowering vision

Leonardo Da Vinci. We need to challenge old assumptions

The Matrix. What we need now

A short history of economic value

The good, the bad and the ugly: Adam Smith, Darwin and Hobbes

Birth: me, myself... and all the other stuff. Two essential concept rule the human mind: me and the world

Personal perceptions

The key to value: perception - What truth?

A binary truth?. The binary and inter-relational nature of truth


Relationality and symmetry. From one-many to in-out

Relationality and inter-dependence

Abstract algebra. From arabic "al-jabar"

Decision problems

Binary and relational information

A functional definition

Necessities. What's important

Basic and acquired needs

Scrooge. Conflicting needs

The pursuit of happiness. What everybody wants

The value of dreams

A desire deferred can make your heart sick

Prison. Destroying desire

Tibet. Finding purpose

Beliefs. From desires to beliefs

Darwin... again. Individual and group well being. Binary choices, binary values

A good man always knows his limitations

From desire to value: the definition

Choices turn into actions

Freedom of choice... really?

Economic freedom.

Serie: Università: economia

Subjects: Economic Theory - Political and Social Philosophy

Level: Scholarly Research

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