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In this section you find the FAQ on how to purchase e-books.

If you need support, please click here ad fill out the form.

To read our e-books you need Adobe Digital Edition, a free software available for Mac, Windows, iOs and Adroid.
First create your Adobe ID (if you haven’t got one) by clicking here
Make sure you have installed Adobe® Digital Editions, downloadable for free here

To read our e-books on ANDROID system, you need tocreate the ADOBE ID and then install from Google Play Store, PocketBook Reader.

Our e-books are available in the following formats: 

- PDF for Pc, Mac and tablet/smartphone Apple and Android, protected by DRM Adobe and readable with the Adobe® Digital Editions application. Usability of PDF format on an eReader is not guaranteed. 

- EPUB for all eReaders (except Kindle) and also for Pc, Mac, tablet and Apple and Android smartphones, protected by DRM Adobe and readable with the Adobe® Digital Editions application.

In the sheets of our books, also available in e-book, the available formats are indicated (PDF of EPUB), as well as compatible devices.  

To install Digital Editions for free: Download - Adobe Digital Editions
To download Adobe Digital Editions for Apple or Andorid look for the App in the Apple Store or on Google Play.

Our e-books are available in PDF or ePub and are protected by DRM Adobe.

The Digital Right Management (DRM) is a technology created to check what a user can and cannot do with a document. The DRM connects the e-book to the user identity. 

Adobe Digital editions is a software for the reading of EPUB and PDF files protected by Adobe DRM. 

Here you can find a list of e-book readers supporting Adobe Digital Editions.

Yes, if purchased in Amazon’s kindle store.

Franco Angeli signed a partnership with Amazon. 

On their store you can find all our e-books. 

Adobe Digital Editions assigns an identity to the user to entitle them with the right of property and usage of the purchased e-book, if protected by Adobe DRM. 

It is possible to create an Adobe ID when required by Adobe Digital Editions, while authorising your computer. 

Files protected by Adobe DRM have the .acsm extension. To open them, download and install on your computer Adobe Digital Editions. Download it here

It is the standard format for digital publications whose specifications are drawn and updated by the Digital Publication Forum (IDPF). Its main feature is the ‘liquid’ text distribution which adapts to the screen, and the maximum customization of the reading experience. With an EPUB e-book you can choose the font type and size, the line spacing, the text alignment, and the background colour of the screen. 

Yes, open Adobe Digital Editions and connect your device to Pc or Mac with a USB cable. Click on ‘Connect’ on the e-reader screen. Adobe Digital Editions will recognize the reader (its name will be displayed – e.g. ‘KOBOeReader’ – on the left bar of the software). Drag the cover of the purchased e-book to the eReader icon. If it is the first time you transfer an e-book protected by DRM, you may be asked to authorize the device using the same Adobe ID you used for Adobe Digital Editions.
When the transfer is complete, disconnect the device to start reading.
In case of problems, please read the FAQ available on the websites of producers. Here are some examples: - Utilizzare Adobe Digital Editions

Tolino IBS - FAQ (question: “how can I transfer to my Tolino e-books that I haven’t purchased on IBS?”)

Yes, DRM Adobe-protected e-books can be read with the free app Adobe Digital Edition supporting PDFs or ePubs protected by Adobe DRM. Search for Adobe Digital in the store of your device and install it. 

Authorise the application with your Adobe ID, if you haven’t got one, click here. Your smartphone and tablet will be one of the 6 authorized devices for the reading. 

If you have trouble reading the text, the page appears white or with not readable lines, you need to change the background colour of the reading page. To do it, open an ebook and tap on the top of the page, two bars with icons will appear, on the bottom bar, tap on the "sun icon " and then choose the icon with black or sepia background. In this way the page will be readable.

To purchase an e-book simply click on ‘add to cart’ in the book sheet. 

You can buy more than one book at a time:  when the purchase is concluded, click on ‘confirm order’. 

If you have already registered, you can proceed straight to the payment and the download of your items. If you haven’t registered yet, proceed with the registration supplying your personal details, then proceed with the payment.  

You will receive the order confirmation by e-mail with the link to download the file.

To read the ebook on the latest versions of Android, you need to install the PocketBook reader application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
If you don't have an Adobe Account, you still need to create your ADOBE ID from this page by choosing Create New Account

Once you have installed the application and created your Adobe ID, you need to open PocketBook reader and configure your Adobe account in the settings by clicking on the little wheel at the bottom right. Tap "All Accounts" and then Adobe DRM, enter your Adobe account information and tap Register.

Download the purchased ebook from the FrancoaAngeli website, it will be saved in the DOWNLOAD folder with the name URLINK.ACSM. From the Home of the PocketBook Readear app click on the three lines at the top left, and from the menu choose FILE, at this point search for the Urlink.acsm file in the Download folder and have it open, after a few seconds the cover will appear and you can start reading it.

E- books, like printed books, are available on our website and can be searched according to: topic or series – in the menu provided - title, author, words included in the presentation or in the table of contents. Please use the advanced search tool

On, access your personal area, click on your e-books. A list of all the purchased e-books will be displayed, you can select the one you want to download. 

You can pay by credit card (also prepaid card) or Paypal. 

It is not possible to cancel orders of digital products (e-books). 

It is not possible to substitute a digital with a printed book.

Of course.  The purchase procedure is one: books will be immediately available for download in your e-books; printed books (and/or magazines) will be shipped within the shipping time required. 

In case of ‘blended’ order, the amount due will be taken in two different moments from your credit card: the e-books amount upon order submission, while for printed books and/or magazines, when the parcel is shipped.  

In case of ‘blended’ orders, payment by cash on delivery is not available. The right of withdrawal is applicable only on printed products. 

It is not possible to withdraw the purchase of digital products (e-books). 

Adobe® Digital Editions is compatible with PDF, EPUB and XHTML files. The software is availabile for Windows 7 or following versions, Mac OS X v10.8 or following versions. 

Intel® Pentium® 4 or faster processor
Windows® 7 or following versions (32 or 64 bit running in 32-bit mode)
512MB of RAM (preferably 1GB)
40MB of memory available on disk. 

Mac OS

Intel Core™ Duo or faster processor
Mac OS X v10.8 or following editions  
512MB of RAM (preferably 1GB)
75MB of memory available on disk.

If your Pc or Mac does not satisfy these requirements, please download a previous version of Adobe Digital Editions here.

As for any book, also e-books are protected by copyright (in particular, from modifications, reuse and copies). Our e-books can be saved and displayed on the buyer’s devices (without expiry date). 
Moreover, if you have an Adobe ID, you can transfer the file to other computers (by e-mail or USB) or on supported devices (up to 6), which are always recognised by Adobe as associated to your ID (for that e-book and following). Copying extracts (and paste them on other files) or printing are forbidden. In no case can the e-book be sent to or be visible by a third subject. 

Licence of use for Franco Angeli’s e-books
All e-books are entirely protected by copyright. When downloading the e-book, the user accepts the terms and conditions listed below. The user is given the following licence of use: 

1. The user is authorized to download and save the e-book on their pc or other devices. The saving of a copy of the book (or some extracts) on networks that make it available simultaneously on several computers is not allowed; 
2. The user is authorised to use the digital book, exclusively for personal purposes (study or research). Commercial usage is forbidden. Printing of the e-book (or some extracts) is not authorised. Direct or indirect commercial use of the work (or its extracts) is not allowed. 
3. The user is not authorised to send to a third subject (by any means, included fax and e-mail), the digital or printed version of the book (or its extracts). 
4. Modification, translation, total or partial adaptation of the work and/or its insertion in collections, anthologies or any derivative works are forbidden. 

This is a small request we make to be able to keep an affordable price policy. If publishing costs were to be repaid by a small number of sold copies and readers, the latter would inevitably pay excessive prices. We believe it is fair for everyone to contribute to supporting publication costs.

No, only the first time the file is opened (and just for a few seconds). Adobe needs to recognize your ID to authorise the opening of the e-book. Right after that, and in the future, no internet will be necessary. Moreover, if you have your Adobe ID, you can transfer the file to other Pcs or mobile devices. 

Simply install Adobe Digital Editions on Pc or Mac, insert your Adobe ID and your personal library will open. This operation is allowed maximum 6 times. 

We are committed to making e-books accessible also to blind and partially-sighted people to satisfy their need to train and learn. For this reason, we believe in Progetto Libri Italiani Accessibili (LIA) and we have been among the first to subscribe to Fondazione LIA.  
Click here to see our LIA-certified  e-books in EPUB format. 

If the network administrator has limited the installation of some software, displaying the e-book may be impossible. Please contact your administrator and, in case, ask them to authorize the installation of Adobe Digital Editions on your Pc. The software is available here by clicking on Install.  If you have problems finalizing the procedure, try installing the right application for your operating system, here.

No, printing is not allowed by copyright law. 

Upon completion of the purchase process, you receive an order confirmation by e-mail with a recap of your data and the link to download the e-book.  

Yes, just reinstall Adobe Digital Editions, insert your Adobe ID and all previously-purchased e-books are automatically downloaded. You can also access your Personal Area on Franco Angeli website and click on your e-books to download all previously-purchased e-books. 

To ask for assistance, please fill out the form available on the link at the top of this page. 

Yes, at any time.  By registering on the website, you can access your personal area and download a previously-purchased e-book. 

To open the e-book, the same Adobe ID previously used is necessary. 

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