Italy and China

An Envolving Geographical Perspective

Alessandra Cristina Lavagnino, Jin Zhigang, Mario Fumagalli, Ghilla Roditi, Antonio Violante, Valerio Bini, Maristella Bersaglio, Alice Giulia Dal Borgo, Giuseppe Gambazza
Studi, ricerche
pp. 232,      1a edizione  2014   (Codice editore 616.18)
Peer reviewed content
Peer Reviewed Content

Italy and China. An Envolving Geographical Perspective
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In breve

This volume gathers up the proceedings of the Study Day “Italy and China: an evolving geographical perspective”. A series of issues relating to different branches of Geography are here in examined: historical, political, cultural, population, Geography of tourism, urban, regional. Furthermore, in some cases, relations between China and Italy are considered, for the purpose of outlining a framework that will be grasped by different perspectives and scales.

Presentazione del volume

One of the most interesting and hot topics in the contemporary era of globalization surely involves the geopolitical role played by new powers in the international sphere. The first of these is China, which is receiving ever increasing attention among scholars of various branches of knowledge. Geographers are involved in this debate and contribute to understand and highlight themes of particular significance. This volume gathers the proceedings of the Study Day "Italy and China: An Evolving Geographical Perspective", held on November 2013 at the University of Milan.
A series of issues relating to different geographical branches are herein examined: Historical Geography, Political Geography, Cultural Geography, Geography of Population, Geography of tourism, Urban Geography, Regional Geography. Furthermore, in some cases, relations between China and Italy are considered, for the purpose of outlining a framework that will be examined from different perspectives and in different scales.
The essays included in this book examine qualitative and quantitative issues using scientifically rigorous methodologies to tackle an extremely heterogeneous reality, which is rooted in cultural and religious values of the past, and in which global phenomena are woven together, imprinting the future of our Planet.

Contribution from: M. Bergaglio, V. Bini, A.G. Dal Borgo, M. Fumagalli, G. Gambazza, D. Gavinelli, Z. Jin, A. Lavagnino, F. Lucchesi, E. Mastropietro, G. Roditi, A. Violante.
Dino Gavinelli teaches "Regional and Urban Geography", "Cultural Geography" and "Sustainable tourism: theory and practice", at the University of Milan. The main fields of research and his scientific articles and books regard topics such as: Geography of rural areas, Regional Studies, Urban Geography, Cultural Geography, Cartography and Semiology.
Flavio Lucchesi is Professor at the University of Milan, where he teaches "Geography" and "Environmental Analysis and Communication" and where he's currently Director of the Bachelor and Master of Geography and Environmental Human Sciences. He has written numerous books and papers spanning the fields of Regional, Economic, Cultural and Humanistic Geography. His regional interests regard Italy, Australia and the Pacific.


Alessandra C. Lavagnino, Jin Zhigang, Preface
Dino Gavinelli, Flavio Lucchesi, China Facing the World, Italy Facing China: Developing Geographical Realities and Prospects
Flavio Lucchesi, The Heavenly Empire of Dragons, Chimeras, and an Enormous Potential: China in the Bollettino della Società Geografica Italiana between the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Mario Fumagalli, The Role of China in the World: the View of Economic Geographers
Eleonora Mastropietro, Ghilla Roditi, Research Perspective in the Chinese Urban Areas through an Analysis of the International Literature
Antonio Violante, China in International Relations: the Centre of the World or a Global Space Component?
Valerio Bini, International Co-operation in Africa: a Comparison of the Cases of the European Union and China
Maristella Bergaglio, Chinese Students in Italian Universities. A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
Dino Gavinelli, Chinese Tourists, New Consumers of the Italian Cultural Heritage and Made in Italy
Alice Giulia, Dal Borgo, Giuseppe Gambazza, Landscape between Perception and Belonging: an Explorative Survey in Milan's Paolo Sarpi Neighborhood